My Load is Too Heavy: Understanding Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout

Research suggests that high conflict divorce, abuse, and family court litigation create trauma for children and their parents. As a result, family court professionals have the challenging role of determining the best course of action for the children and families involved. Families involved in high conflict divorce and/or abuse are often in need of a variety of professional interventions, including counseling, evaluation, representation, and parenting coordination.

Helping Parents of Sexually Abused Children

Sexually abused children and adolescents often experience feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame. Many sexually abused children conceal their painful emotions from others while engaging in problem behaviors, therefore the purpose of their behavior is often misunderstood. Studies have shown that parental support has a significant impact on a child’s ability to adjust and heal from sexual abuse. However,

Multicultural Sensitivity in Sexual Abuse Cases

  • This presentation is grounded in principles of humanism, in that the primary focus is on helping culturally diverse families find purpose and meaning when sexual abuse occurs in the family.
  • The presenters will discuss the importance of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating growth and self-directed change among culturally diverse clients by conveying empathy, respect, and encouragement.
  • Humanistic principles such as hope, optimism, and a supportive environment will be discussed as related to the emotional experiences of families who have experienced sexual abuse.