Navigating the Mine Field: Identifying the Play Therapist’s Role in High- Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Cases

  • This presentation will discuss the role of play therapists with children involved in high-conflict divorce cases and child custody cases who are in need of a variety of professional services.
  • The presenter will explain the importance of collaborating with other court professionals when families are in crisis.
  • The participants will be given challenging case vignettes and asked to identify the roles of the professionals involved, consider pertinent legal and ethical issues, and outline a treatment plan for the child.

Too Many Cooks Can Spoil the Broth: The Need for Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Counseling

  • This experiential workshop will discuss how to develop a multidisciplinary team that can remain intact to work with high-conflict families who are referred by the court and in need of a variety of professional services.
  • The presenters will discuss the complex roles of counselors and the various team members, as well as ways to function within those roles, particularly when families are in crisis.
  • The presenters will also share their preliminary research in multidisciplinary collaboration and high-conflict divorce.

The Parenting Coordinator and Parental Alienation: Restructuring the Resistance

  • This experiential workshop will further discuss the role of the parenting coordinator as the conductor of a multidisciplinary team of court-involved professionals including reconciliation therapists, individual therapists, and lawyers.
  • During an interactive exercise, the participants will be given case vignettes and asked to outline a plan to support the re-establishment the parent-child connection in the most challenging cases, with consideration of ethical implications and safe practices.